Our vision in serving the city through Gloucester Street Pastors is simply to ‘care, listen and help’. We’re thankful for every opportunity to serve and intervene when folks have need and have had another busy 2 months in September/October 2015 of serving, including putting an extra team out during the Rugby World Cup near the fanzone area.

Please click on the link below to read of the ‘Good News’ reports and positive interventions our teams have had:-

GSP good news & interventions Sept-October 2015

We praise God for our incredible volunteers who constantly astonish the pubbers and clubbers by being out there in the middle of the night serving without being paid or for any benefit other than helping others. They are an amazing team and true ‘salt and light’ in our glorious city of Gloucester.

If you know any regular church members who might be interested in joining us as team members with Gloucester Street Pastors or your church is interested in having us along for a presentation of what we do and why do it please do get in touch.

Steve Cresswell
Gloucester Street Pastors

07970 702020

Registered Charity number 1139142