We have had another busy 2 months in March/April 2016 serving on the streets of Gloucester. Our vision in serving the city through Gloucester Street Pastors is simply to ‘care, listen and help’ and we’re thankful for every opportunity to intervene when folks are in need.

Please click on the link below to read of the ‘Good News’ reports and positive interventions our teams have had:-

GSP good news & interventions Mar-Apr 2016

We thank God for our amazing team of volunteers who so faithfully serve the pubbers and clubbers by being out there in the middle of the night whatever the weather, offering genuine kindness and support to everyone and anyone who needs it. They spot the lost, lonely and distressed, they listen to them, comfort them, give practical support in the form of bottles of water, flip flops and first aid and help them find their friends and their homes. They solve problems before they get serious or official. Often just our presence calms a situation down and the Gloucester police value the work that our teams do each week.

If you know any regular church members who might be interested in joining us as team members with Gloucester Street Pastors or your church is interested in having us along for a presentation of what we do and why do it please do get in touch.

Steve Cresswell
Gloucester Street Pastors

07970 702020

Registered Charity number 1139142