We joined the service at Holy Trinity this month where we were able to share stories and examples of how God is working. After the service 2 members of the congregation came forward and they are joining patrols in April. I also met with someone who contacted us through the webpage and they will be observing during April.

We now have 3 people training to be Street Pastors; Gemma, Eleazar and Joseline. Gemma has completed her Roles and Responsibilities plus 2 of the short courses. Eleazar has completed 2 short courses and Joseline has completed 1. We are hoping to put on another Roles and Responsibilities for the new trainees.

We have also managed to recruit a Prayer Pastor; Barbara, who has confirmed that they will pray for a specific team once a month.

In the coming weeks and months we have further opportunities.

On the 14th April we have been given a spot at St Peter’s Church, Oadby to share information about what we do and encourage people to join us. On the 6th June we have been invited to talk at the Area Deanery Synod where all clergy from the local areas- Oadby, Thurnby etc meet.

Finally, I have been given a contact for someone over in Melton who may be interested in re- starting a patrol in Melton city centre!

Lord we give thanks for your provision and for stirring the hearts of your children to join this ministry.