March Update

Getting ready for a patrol is crucial and we support each other to be in the right frame of mind and properly dressed!!

March has been a busy month with our volunteers offering over 76 hours of service to the city. We welcomed Stacey who came out as an observer.

And as always we make sure we visit Every Street in Leicester!!

We had over 130 conversations as we went around the city talking to people who were celebrating special events, people who were experiencing homelessness and also people who had made some poor choices and were in difficulties.

We supported people in over 170 ways; from offering directions, to getting them a taxi to get them home, to staying with them until they were sober, to handing out sleeping bags. Each event was an example of God in action.

We responded to the CCTV 3 times this month building partnership work with the many agencies and people who work in the night time economy. We also welcomed Matthew and Amy from the city council who joined a patrol to see how people use the city at night.

Easter is a very important time for all Christians and we were pleased to support the city’s Walk of Witness. The team joined in with around 150 other Christians out on Good Friday. A fantastic opportunity to encourage conversations about who we are and what we do.

We continue to search for new volunteers and are really excited that Les Isaac’s the founder of Street Pastors will be in Leicester on 21st April. This April we are welcoming a further 3 people out on observations so we pray they will see this as their ministry.

Lord we give thanks for your provision and for stirring the hearts of your children to join this ministry.