The Street Pastors initiative is a national, interdenominational Christian response to some of today’s social problems.

Lincoln Street Pastors work with the night-time economy in the city centre. We seek to listen, care and help those in need or who have found themselves in difficulties during the night time economy hours.

With two universities in the city there are often hundreds of students enjoying the night life, as well as the other residents and visitors to our City on a Saturday or Friday night and we hope to keep them safe.

We walk around the city centre in teams of 3 or 4 men and women every Saturday night and normally the last Friday night of each month. We are here to listen, care and help – to show God’s love and Christ’s witness in practical ways.

We support other people working in the night time economy as well, such as the police and door staff, offering our time and a listening ear.

We also offer practical support to those out partaking of the night time economy, whether that be through offering flipflops for those who have “tired” feet, water for those feeling unwell or lollipops to bring a joyful attitude!

We are also trained in many practical and listening skills so we can best support all those out during the night – whatever their circumstances.

We are an interdenominational organisation and draw our volunteers from many churches and fellowships across the city and beyond.
Our aims are to bring peace and a Christian presence amongst night life community by building relationships, serving where we can, and where appropriate and invited we take those opportunities to share our faith and pray with people.

The determination and motivation of our street teams is underpinned by prayerful support from our Prayer Pastors who are an integral part of the Lincoln Street Pastor Shifts.
This prayer ensures that the street teams are affirmed in their role and know that their ministry – along with those they meet whilst out – are covered by a blanket of intercession and wrapped and held firmly in God’s love.

Our values include working in partnership and therefore we work with the Police, Lincoln BIG, city council, other organisations, the churches, and the business community too.

Lincoln Street Pastors is a registered charity: No. 1122451.