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Weekly Reports – March April 2018

31st March 2018

SP Phil, Ian, Wendy, Abbey.

PP Alice, Baron, Beryl.

Started night listening and reflecting on Stuart Townend’s song The power of the cross.

Urban Blue bus back at top high street I think from previous week.

Town appeared quite busy in pockets especially Bank Street. Weather was mainly dry with a cold breeze.

Bank Street, drunk women which we supplied with all the usual aids to assist and felt would be ok getting home, later not sure if the same women but there was a call from Banks bar saying women had collapsed and was foaming at the mouth urban blue attended and believe it was just acohol.

Got taking to a man near Subway Week Street who had not heard of us and was really impressed with what we do, he said that he gives money each month to charity and wanted to support us so we gave him a street pastors card with contact details if he decided to do so later online.

Popped into Trinity foyer for really good chat and asked about the future use of Trinity, basically they are not going to find out what’s happening until September wether its going to be used to continue supporting young people or for refugees/a.seekers. We assured and said we will pray that it will continue to be for the youth, they appreciate us praying. I think it will come down to funding.

Helped young girl named G on High Street, very distressed, cold and panicking trying to contact sister who had left her alone, didn’t have key’s to her sisters where she was staying, she was repeatedly trying to phone her, just wanted to leave and go home, parents away on holiday. Wrapped her in foil blanket and got her to calm down in urban blue who managed to make contact.

Just before break man named S from Poland very passionate about helping homeless (one of who he was with) and drunks caring a satchel, really delighted about Christ, Easter and the resurrection blessed us like we blessed him, he gave us a wooden cross and tried to give us winning lottery numbers which we refused.

After break urban blue made calls on radio for flip flops which we supplied.

During the course of the night we found two empty handbags on the ground one near Argos the other opposite Dusk 2 Dawn which was very strange they were both completely empty of contents and one had a broken strap, we reported this to a nearby police van who had not heard any reports of stolen bags.

Girl outside Source Bar worse for wear but with responsible friends who organised a lift home, we gave supplies out.

Had chat’s with various homeless people most of which had used the homeless shelter which they very much appreciated, regular K who didn’t use it because of dog was suffering with bad chest still, we talked about her seeing a doctor.

There was an enquiry into whether Street Pastor Gwyn was about by homeless man, he was really impressed by the foot massages she does.

Town became quite calm and people were making there way home, the wind was picking up and we started to feel the cold so we called it a night around 3am.


7th April 2018

SPS – Mig, Graham, Gwyn, Tanya, Ali

PPS – Mary, Wendy, Grenville

As a team who meet up every four weeks and were about to go out to speak to people with all sorts of things going on in their lives, it seem only spiritually correct to give all in the team the same opportunity to share with each other what was happening in their own lives that they would like prayer for. It was good to share with trusted companions and enable us to be able to support each other far better than working on assumptions from our own understandings.

Wonderful blessed time, and thank you so much to all for sharing with particular thanks going to Gwyn, who had finished the Winter shelter management and was out with us on her first night off from this. Tanya, who has a lot going on in her life at the moment but feels closer to the Lord than ever before, which shows in the God blessed way that she communicates with everyone she meets on the street, and thanks to Ali for being there after a very bad chest infection which is still not fully cleared up..

Mixed weather report, raining but not too cold but little windy

Town seemed to be busy with lots of people unloading from taxi vans and cars.

Blue Bus were out, but once again no power for the bus, seems to be after they have a market in the square the power gets turned off somewhere.

Found a young lady with her finance and two of her friends, who was out on her hen night, outside Fredericks. They were unable to stand, and in quite a bad way, radio for Blue bus to attend with wheel chair as not possible to even get her to sit up. Later found out from Blue Bus that she was picked up from them by her mum and aunty so ended well.

Had chat with young lady waiting in the bus stop just up from where Buddha Belly used to be. Little tipsy, with three very colourful cocktails on the bus shelter seat, but really need of a wee, escorted her back to the café and let her use the loo, they walked out with her.

Mary reported that she returned about 15mins later looking for her Tabaco, but also reported that she had seen her drunk friend home safetly, had met up with the next set of friends she was parting with and was heading off to party for the rest of the night.

Radio report for woman being stabbed in the arm at the Beirkeller, not fatal but Urban Blue asked to attend and urgent police presence required. Full response from police and ambulance and a lot of groups of people wanting to see what was going on.

Up by the Blue Bus woman was shouting at a man to leave her alone, he walked away but not far and was staying close. She went into Urban Blues shelter, while we tried to talk to the man, who was acting very agitated and walking around very quickly, but with no clear direction, unable to talk to him.

Spoke to the girl and found that he had confessed to her his true feelings towards her, and she did not feel the same, was very shocked, and he would not leave her alone. They both lived in a shared house, with other friends and she did not know how it was going to be now in the house. The man had by this time headed off down Bank Street.

We escorted her to the taxi as she was scared about him coming back, we stayed with her until she was in a taxi heading home and prayed for her situation.

Headed back to base after this as night was quieting down.


14th April 2018

Team Leader: Tony Walsh

Street Pastors: Mark Franks, Gwyn, Ian McW

Prayer Pastors: Sheila S, Tim, Emma Jane, Solange

A very warm night compared to our last outing. Almost tee-shirt and shorts weather. We started the night with a reading from Paul’s letter to the Philippians asking that we should ‘shine like stars in the Universe’. We were to be on the lookout for other ‘stars’ during our shift. These were evident in friends and strangers showing care and attention to those who were under the influence of drink or drugs.

Talking to A (homeless lady) who was feeling ok and doing well.

Lots of people about. Source Bar are having one of their street parties with the alleyway blocked off.

New homeless lady approached. Seemed fairly incoherent due to drink/drugs.

E and V approached both doing ok.

Urban Blue bus driver had not had a good day. Bus pranged but not too much damage.

John (Source Bar manager) asked for prayers regarding his cracked ribs. Injured on holiday playing rugby with his sons!!

Incident on the bridge- possible traffic accident and violent man.

Returning to base to pick up a lady’s backpack and thicker sleeping bag for new homeless lady from Tunbridge Wells.

Seemed to be more homeless people in town probably due to closure of Winter Shelter.

Street Pastors asked to attend vulnerable young man. He had departed and gone into Gallery with friends, by the time pastors had arrived

2 men arguing outside BHF shop. Call for prayer and soon dispersed.

Another fight outside Town Hall. Another fight started at the top of Gabriel’s Hill and seemed to progress up and down the High Street. Lots of waving arms but not a lot of contact. Some concern as it seemed to be 3 on to 1 but gradually dispersed.

One of the protagonists made his way out of town and was followed by a couple of guys who seemed intent on doing more harm. Thankfully he made his escape without further ado.

Legacy of his departure was that he left behind his very drunk girl friend who had behaved badly with Urban Blue and was consequently barred.

Police had been called by Urban Blue but took a long time (30-40 minutes) to arrive. Policeman said he had come from Sittingbourne.

Verbally abusive young man seen in Brewer Street, Police finally arrived. And things generally calmed down

SP’s returned to base for a well earned cuppa!!

Drunken man outside the café dealt with and sent on his way!

Atmosphere in town was very tense especially outside Bierkeller. Police in attendance to sort out fight. Police had arrested one man and another was being treated for injuries. Girlfriend of injured party was very upset but was not in the mood for help.

Man very drunk outside Metro Bank and in need of prayer.

Still fights breaking out sporadically up and down the High Street.

Another instance was a very drunk lady outside Dusk 2 Dawn. She was the partner of the guy who was fighting and had already left town. She had apparently made herself unpopular at the Urban Blue bus so no sympathy was to be had there.

The policeman who was in attendance was from Sittingbourne and seemed unable to be of assistance in getting her home. Two couples who had been taking care of her took it upon themselves to take her home themselves. Like I said ‘Stars’.

It was quite a busy night, almost like old times even without the clubs in Gabriel’s Hill.

The evening and night seemed to fly by and before we knew it our shift was over and the town was settling down. Finished at about 3.45.

Much thanks to Gwyn, or should I say Aunty Gwyn and Ian for turning out at short notice and to Solange and Emma Jane for assisting with the prayers. I hope you all enjoyed it!!


21st April 2018

SPs – Alan, Sharon, Miya, Tony, Anne  and Audrey (observer).

PPs – Katy and Beryl.

We began the evening in praise and celebrating the warm weather. We headed out around 10.30 in two teams, delighted to be short sleeves with no heavy coats!

Town was busy with lots of people hanging around enjoying the warmth, particularly in the Lockmeadow area with what appeared to be a party outside the fish and chip shop, which local residents seemed unhappy about.

Although there was little trouble in town, during the evening we did hear a report over the radio about a couple of thefts from Tesco’s on the Loose Road.

Generally speaking, the evening focused on conversations with our homeless regulars.

We were concerned that K is ill again, but pleased to hear she has an appointment with a GP on Monday. We will continue to pray for her recovery.

C was in his usual place and didn’t ask for his usual Bovril, given the balmy temperatures.

We saw M later in the evening who was in very good spirits and moving around, so it would seem he has some respite from the pain of his leg ulcers. M pleased to see us and gave us hugs, thanked us for our ongoing prayers for him.

We has a conversation with D, a homeless man we have seen on the street before but who is usually asleep. He said he believed in God “sort of”, and asked us to pray for a man he has assaulted while he was in prison, expressing some regret at his actions and wishing the man well.

We visited Trinity Foyer and chatted to the staff who are concerned about the future of Trinity, which is still up for tender. There are currently 59 young residents at Trinity, so their future is uncertain. Prayers please for Trinity, and all the great work they do to help your people make the right steps towards permanent housing.

We had a brief chat with police officers who said all was good humoured and peaceful on the streets, just a few people who has consumed too much alcohol.

The team watched over a couple of girls who has been asked to leave Gallery, to ensure they were not hassled by a man hanging around them while they waited for a lift home.

We also assisted a couple of young ladies who were intoxicated – L was with her boyfriend who was looking after her well, however he for some reason started a scuffle with a group of people passing by while we were in attendance.

Managed to stand between the parties and restore peace while the young lady was being attended to by Urban Blue.

We assisted a very drunk woman who was vomiting when her friend called us over to help. Her friend explained they both had young children at home and was worried that her friends husband would be angry with her. Urban blue attended and took the woman away in a wheelchair to hopefully sober up enough to get a cab home.

We were also asked to pray for Val at Urban Blue who had a very bad headache that night, and to pray that the bus would get a new driver soon.

Tony had some good conversations with a couple of young men around faith and able to speak with them about the Cross.

All in all a fun and peaceful night, made even more special by Beryl (prayer pastor) popping out with us for a walk along Bank street – Beryl said she would love to go for a short walk again and that it was certainly an “eye-opener”!

Well done Beryl and congratulations on your commissioning as a Prayer Pastor.