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Weekly Reports – September 2018

1st September 2018
Team Leader: Tony Walsh
Deputy: Mark Franks
Street Pastors: Stella Blackburn, Carol Gupwell
Prayer Pastors: Alice, Sheila and Solange.

11.05 : Jubilee Square seemed to be quite lively. Source Bar street party in full swing.

11.30 : Man reported outside Mu Mus as not behaving very well and recommended no- no

11.30 : Call for Urban Blue to attend Apollo taxi office to attend girl collapsed on the floor outside the Society rooms

11.40 : Met a group of Hen party ladies up by KCC Town Hall. They were going home early because the bride was not feeling too well. Too much stress? The other members of the party were a bit disappointed but they probably saved themselves some embarrassment by having an early night

11.45 : Extremely loud music coming from the band set up outside the Royal Albion. Not sure who measures the sound levels but definitely a case for ear defenders

12.00 Came across homeless man (T) aged 22 in very distressed state and spent some time with him trying to move him into a more positive frame of mind

12.15 : Call for Urban Blue with wheelchair to attend a lady who had passed out in a pub

12.30 : Met and talked to Chief Inspector Quiller about what we did etc very positive.

12.45 : SPs returned to base to collect some home comforts to deliver to (T)

12.45: Calling for Urban Blue to attend poorly lady

1.45: Report of man in town with box of drugs

2.05: SPs escorted young lady back to Week Street to re-join her boyfriend. He was not very comfortable being on her own and being hassled by others so we were happy to oblige

2.15: Lady in Urban Blue in very poor state due to drink/drugs. Being attended to be paramedics

2.25: Another report of drugs in town

2.30: Police called to Source Bar to arrest person with Class A drugs

2.40: Urban Blue packed out with people receiving treatment

2.55: Lots of groups of people in Jubilee Square all agitated and looking to cause trouble. Police in attendance and argumentative ones sent home the rest of them looked ready to rumble but police presence seemed to have a calming effect on them

3.00: Urban Blue requested police help with drunk and aggressive young man.

Pay day weekend. Source Bar was having a street Party and Mark was still wearing shorts!!

Weather was dry and still surprising balmy.

Once out on the streets it seemed to have a strange buzz and there seemed to be lots of potential for things to go wrong. Mini buses seemed to be in abundance and there were lots of groups of young people, mostly men who seemed intent on enjoying them selves and all too often these groups were the cause of upset and scuffles with other.

The new Police Inspector was out on the town seeing what life was like before taking up his new post. Unsurprisingly there seemed to be a very impressive display of policemen on the beat and they were very quick and efficient at diffusing potential problems before they became problems.

We had a very long chat with a homeless man (T) who was very emotional and feeling suicidal and life was not worth living. He seemed to calm down after a while and stop sobbing and seemed to improve over the 45 minutes or so we were talking to him. We provided a back pack with new camping gear and other essential and seemed to be in a much better place when we left him, Well done prayer team!!

We had a relatively late break as a result but well needed. The remainder of the night was spent on usual patrols but towards the end of the shift things took a slightly unpleasant turn with the groups accumulating in Jubilee Square.

Matters did get a bit ugly for a time but police presence was good and things settled down once the minibuses arrived to take people home.

Seemed like a return to the good old days of 10 years ago!! Finished our duty at about 3.30.

8th September 2018
Team Leader: Alan Connor
Deputy: Miya
Street Pastors: Tony and Anne
Prayer Pastors: Katy, Beryl and Baron.

Due to work, family and other commitments we were without Sharon, Audrey and Emma Jane. We were blessed with having Baron for a short time, who joined the other two Prayer Pastors.

After a few songs and prayers for those who were not with us, and for the town we went out onto the street.

The town seemed busy, but was, and remained good humoured.

There were only a few instances worthy of reporting on, they were:

10:50: There were two drunk young ladies outside Bierkeller – Urban Blue were called, but help was not needed as they had a lift organised.

10:50: Alan phoned in to report a fight in Week Street, they were being kept apart by a female – Both men went their different ways.

11:00: Report over the radio of a lady going around asking for money in the High Street.

02:00: We spoke to a lady outside Mumu’s, she seemed very drunk and her friends were inside with her phone. She needed to go home, but was waiting for her friends to come out. As there were three young men showing interest in her, we spoke to the doorman at Mumu’s and asked him to keep an eye on her, which he agreed. We walked away and came back to find her still there, it was suggested that she could go and find her friends in Mumu’s and get her phone back – we last saw her going into the nightclub.

We had several conversations with our homeless friends, but with little happening, and the town seeming to be quiet, we returned to base around 3pm, where after a short debrief and prayer, we left for home.

15th September 2018
Team members: Gordon, Phil, Wendy, Ian
Prayer Team: Baron, Tim

On arrival the inner gate was locked and although relocked after we had all arrived, continued to be left unlocked by those others with keys using it during the night. It remains very difficult if not impossible to actually operate the lock on the outer gate from the street side because of the position of the padlock on the short chain.

We reflected on salvation and on being ‘saved’ in regard to this life in the here and now rather than just for life after death and on the implications of that in terms of evangelism.

Tim and Baron our Prayer Team for the night, again initiated the prayers and we prayed for all those involved in the Night Time Economy on the streets as well as those going out for the evening. We also prayed for those who were sick known to us.

The town did not seem over busy and it was remarked that the Friday night before had been much busier.

It was a very mixed night and although we did not record many incidents in which we were directly involved, we seemed to be quite those we were involved in took some time.

We had a very pleasant conversation with the doorman at Players before we visited Lockmeadow as it was rumoured there was a fair in the town but there certainly was nothing at Lockmeadow and it was as quiet as we have now come to expect.

We were asked by the security at McDonalds to look in as he was suspicious of a man with two women who he believed did not know him. After a low key conversation with Wendy they stated that they did know him and all was fine,

K, was in a very poor state and we asked Urban Blue to check her over. They stated she should definitely get medical attention for her chest condition but she will not go anywhere because of someone looking after her dog ‘Patch’. A friend who was with her offered to look after the dog for as long as necessary but we still could not convince K. We prayed that she would seek the medical attention she desperately needs.

We received a thank you from a man who we had apparently rescued on a previous evening.

After 02:00 we became involved with several people in rapid succession:
One woman expelled from Banks Wine Bar (after urinating on the floor) was separated from the boyfriend with whom she came. He apparently then went off with another woman and would not come out of the bar. She was thus distressed. Her boyfriend did (rather) later come out and they were travel home.

One woman stated that she knew she was about to go into an abusive relationship but it did not matter as she had been previously abused by her uncle. We should have liked to continue a conversation with her but she left as we were approached by A who wanted to know about our faith. It transpired that she had come to the Lord but her faith was now being shaken as each of the churches she had gone to had been judgmental and would not accept her as a lesbian. We discussed some scripture wither and assured her that not all churches had the same attitude and made some suggestions as to which churches to go to. Again we should have liked to have talked more to her but we were called by Urban Blue to attend a man in the Square.

The story was that he had lost his wallet and phone but they could not get much more out of him. After further conversation with Phil we did get a postcode for his address (in Sittingbourne) and established that he still had a bank card so could get a taxi once he was in a fit state to do so. Apparently he had taken a very long time to come out of what appeared to be drunkenness and there was a suspicion that something else might be involved, although Urban Blue stated that he did not have a medical problem. Two police became involved and ascertained the man’s full address, he lived with his Mum. They phoned her but got no reply. He seemed to be gradually coming around and we left the man in their care.

We debriefed and prayed especially for K and left the town just before 03:00.

23rd September 2018
To follow.