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Weekly Reports

24th June 2017

Team members: Gordon, Karen, Ian, Junell and Wendy

Prayer Team:     Sheila,, Alice, and Baron

It was dry and fairly mild. The evening started very quietly and we began to believe that there would be few people in the town. This was reflected in the small number in Zee Bar (former Chicago Rock site) and Bar 6 which was empty. Even Gabriel’s Hill was quiet with few people going to Strawberry Moons. Gallery is closed for refurbishment but the new Bierkeller/Fever etc. nightclub seemed to be doing well,

When speaking to one of the doormen D, we discovered that he had lost his day job and needed different (and better) employment than previously. We prayed for this.

We spoke to some of the known street dwellers including K who had a terrible throat problem (virus). We prayed with her but also advised her to ensure that if the problem got worse to get medical treatment through the NHS ‘walk-in’ service. There was still no knowledge of when Daz’s funnel might be,

Trinity Foyer was visited.

The town being quite we had an early break but then just after midnight many more people arrived and the town became quite busy.

We were asked to go to a man in Week Street who was distraught. Apparently he had broken up with his partner and the effect of this had been made more painful by the alcohol he had consumed. After talking to him for a while with two ladies (whose relationship to him was not known) some of his male friends arrived and got him off the floor and towards the taxi rank. A kind taxi driver agreed to take them all, despite the man being still inebriated, Those in the taxi queue in front of us agreed to let him go first which was also kind.

Just after 01:00 we became involved in two incidents in Gabriel’s Hill: we prayed into a domestic which had started out with the man pushing a woman against a window but which then calmed down; This was rapidly followed by dealing with a man who worse very much the worse for drink. He eventually sobered up enough to talk to and when we saw him later he was very much more ‘compus mentis’ and arranging to go home.

We prayed for peace between an engaged couple involved in an angry domestic as well as providing the usual tissue supply.

Prayers were said by the Prayer Team for a seriously ill man found by Urban Blue lying in the street and for whom an ambulance had been summoned.

At around 02:15 in Week Street we attended after a reported assault. K to whom we had spoken earlier was giving a statement to the police and one man was being restrained. We waited to see if there was any Street Pastor input required but decided that there was not.


1st July

Street Pastors: Mig, Graham, Alison, Gwyn, Tanya (Observing)

Prayer Pastors: Sheila (first half), Grenville and Tanya (second half)

A warm and dry night in Maidstone. It was the Big Day Out in Mote Park so in the early part of the evening there were quite a lot of people heading back from the park or extending their Big Day Out into a Big Night Out. It was also pay day weekend so the perfect recipe for a busy night.

There were five of us so we went out as one team. We were grateful to Sheila for turning out for us as emergency prayer cover.

We met up with ‘A’ and a couple of his friends on a bench in Week Street. ‘A’ is ex-army and has recently got a place at Lily Smith House. He was very grateful to some of his fellow rough sleepers who had looked out for him when he had been on the streets. He shared lots of stories with us about his antics in the armed forces and his postings to Canada, Cyprus and other well known global trouble spots. He was interested to find out a bit more about SPs and what we did.

There was an alleged handbag theft on Gabriels Hill and a girl reported to Urban Blue that she had been pushed into a doorway by the assailant. Urban Blue were without electric power (again) so were having to make do and planned to leave by 2am as a number of them were attending the police open day the following morning.

Probably the most notable incident of the night by some distance occurred on Gabriel’s Hill at about 1.30am. As we were walking down the hill, we spotted a male and female having a bit of an altercation. The girl was ’emotional’ (in the irrational and slightly uncooperative sense) and the male, who we understand to be an ex-boyfriend was trying his best to look out for her. He accepted some flip flops but she wouldn’t wear them etc etc

As they came out of the chip shop another drunk male enquired after her welfare, obviously spotting that she was upset and got a shove from the ex-boyfriend. Drunk male then squared up and the girl went completely bonkers hitting, kicking and attacking him with her handbag….and drunk male ended up slapping her. We did our best to try and talk the situation down but eventually drunk male’s shirt came off, he let out what can best be described as a roar which ex-boyfriend took exception to and a fist fight ensued. Drunk male ended up cracking his head on the pavement, resulting in lots of blood and fortunately the police then responded to our radio request. We all ended up having to give a statement to the police which was probably about as garbled and confused as this description.

Urban Blue then took drunk male and  bonkers girlfriend back to the bus to be patched up which, as you can imagine, created a lively situation at the Bus by the time all of bonkers girlfriend’s mates had rocked up.

There were several other altercations in and around Gabriel’ Hill during the rest of the evening.

As it was a warm night and the forecast downpour didn’t materialise, people were somewhat reluctant to go home. Reggae man was hosting another of his impromptu concerts in Jubilee Square and people were kind of loitering on pavements.

We packed up at 3am, still not fully convinced that the night was quite over but by that time Urban Blue had gone and there is a limit to what you can do with tissues and wet wipes.

My last night as team leader after nine years or so having handed over to Mig……now all I have to do is turn up and enjoy myself every month!


8th July



15th July

Team: Kimberly, Alan, Karen and Gordon filled in til the break, Sharon joined after
Prayer: Katy, Beryl and Alan Pentecost

Well, we had an unusual start to the night! We were going to meet up with the drama group Roughshod accompanied by Heather May from St Lukes. Thankfully, Karen and Gordon popped along to lend a hand if needed during the sketches. Two of our team were away and one ended up coming later so it turned out to be really great and a prayer answered before we asked! On our arrival, there were no padlocks to be found anywhere on the gates so I popped next door to the guys in the fish & chip shop. They said it’s no longer in use and “everyone knew about it”. I said I wasn’t sure WE did, but hey ho….we just pulled them closed.

Roughshod made it along about 10:10 just about when we had decided to make a start and come back when they arrived. Once we were all sorted and organised, we headed up to Jubilee Square, Roughshod with stage and instruments in tow. They set up and began with a few cover songs, and drew a little crowd. We had a few other helpers come along too, to support them from other churches. Once Roughshod decided to take a break, Karen, Gordon, Alan and I had a little wander and when we came back they had packed up. I think they were all pretty exhausted and decided to turn in.

The foursome carried on, greeting doormen and checking in. Urban blue were out, but ended up closing up shop about 1:00 as their driver wasn’t feeling well and it had been a quiet night.

After the break there were quite a few people out, but all was pretty chilled. About 1:00 we headed up towards Mumus and saw the police trying to calm a very upset lady. We just stayed back and made ourselves available, but the police didn’t really acknowledge us and so we left them to try and deal with her. She seemed to have been in some altercation as they were trying to look at her chin, and she was shouting something about being in a fight. We couldn’t really make it out, so we went up Week street and by the time we came back they were gone. Called her in and prayed she got sorted and home ok.

Not much else was happening when we started hearing shouting on the radio at about 1:30. Someone sounded very upset and calling for help from the police. Eventually we heard it was from Grill 91 (?) across from McDonald’s. We started that way only to be passed by 3 police cars at an incredible speed down Week Street. By the time we got there from the bottom of Gabriel’s Hill, there were 5 police cars and 1 Police van. We stood around with others in the crowd seeing what was going on and seeing if anyone around needed anything. According to a guy who worked in KFC and had just gotten off work, a man went into the grill and had accidentally dropped a £1 coin down behind a panel in the shop. He was apparently asking for it back and the guys serving couldn’t help or something and the man just unleashed on him. We had heard an incredible scream as we were walking up and we assume the police had been wrestling him, and using pepper spray. There was one bystander who had been sprayed by accident. He was hurting, but was told by the police to just sit, don’t rub and don’t use any water to try and get rid of it, as it would just go in about 1/2 hour. He had friends looking after him. There were 2 arrests as far as we could see, one being physically carried by 4 police after being literally strapped at the wrists and ankles. The scene cleared out quickly, with a few police staying back to collect statements. Sad, expensive altercation over a pound coin.

We wandered and chatted to a few more people, and noticed there was only one rough sleeper that we recognised. There were about 4 others new to us.

Not a lot else of consequence to report, we headed in about 2:30 as people seemed well looked after or heading home and waiting for rides.


22nd July

Street pastors: Phil, Junell, Ian, Wendy.

Pray pastors: Alice & Baron.

One big family popped in at start and gave us some supplies.

Night dry at first followed by persistent rain after break.

Key points:

11pm: Bank Street: Spoke to homeless S saddened from passing of D and had bike stolen and couple of tents sabotaged, prayed for things to improve.

11:35pm: Week Street: Homeless regular J troubled and said he had bad thoughts so encouraged him and prayed for his situation.

1.05am Rain was very heavy after break got in touch with base on our way to incident outside Corals man arrested.

1.20am: High Street: Regular cyclist M was troubled and getting wet encouraged to take shelter before setting of home on his bike.

1.30am: Rose Yard: Junell and Wendy spoke with street dweller M who had been suffering with a leg ulcer in previous weeks, Junell caught up with him to see if he sought medical help from her Dad, he did and was really appreciative.

1.43am: Earl Street: Man shouting/angry/drunk at other man saying follow me, kept a close eye on and also subtly followed them down to Drakes pub, man was left alone eventually and Phil and Wendy spoke to him after he mentioned the word battered. Was quiet upset but didn’t want to report any incident he just said the man shouting at him was his brother an idiot, we think family had a lot of friction, didn’t give his name but we encouraged him to report anything that may have happened to the police, we think he feared breaking the family up.

Quiet night shortened by persistent rain, Urban blue called it a night around 1:45 we followed at 2:15pm