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Weekly Reports – July 2018

7th July 2018

Team Leader: Tony Walsh

Deputy: Stella Blackburn and Mark Franks

Prayer Pastors: Sheila Smith, Solange

10.45   Homeless lady had been promised trousers by One Big Family. As they could not be located we managed to find a pair in the backpacks in the cupboard.

11.30   Returned to base with Jack (aged 22) who needed his phone recharged. Jack was reasonably sober and was quite articulate so we took him back and introduced him to our prayer pastors who chatted to him while his phone was being charged.

He had been most impressed by the Rochester Street Pastors when they managed to calm the situation after a fight. He was also aware that Street Pastors were very supportive when his girlfriend had a panic attack. When he realised he was having problems with his phone his first reaction was to seek out the Pastor team. Could not believe we were all volunteers and will be promoting us at every opportunity.

12.05   One of our regular homeless guys (sitting in Source Bar alleyway) asked us to pray for his sister M (41) and her son T (14). She had apparently got in with the wrong crowd and was now into crack cocaine. He was very concerned as she was the one that supported him. I suggested that maybe it was his turn to support her. Prayers were duly prayed.

12.05   Fighting started outside Switch Café but quickly resolved.

1.10 Two very drunk men were in the mood for trouble and seemed to be inviting it from every innocent passerby. Prayers requested that they should leave town without further delay or trouble. Prayers duly answered!

1.35  Aggressive people noted outside Kala Red.

1.40 UB were dealing with a man who was having an epileptic fit and trying to get him home.

1.45     Called Urban Blue for very intoxicated male. When we arrived it had all been resolved and man was back at the bus.

1.45     Dispute outside the Source Bar but quickly resolved.

2.00     Assault reported at top of Gabriel’s Hill but when we arrived all had been resolved.

2.20     Fracas noted outside Juniper. Staff were restraining a angry man on the floor and calling for police assistance. It took approximately 15 minutes for them to attend.

Any other info: Weather was warm and balmy. This was the Saturday that England won a football match! It was also the middle day of the Kent show.

Maidstone town centre looked as if it had been trashed. Rubbish and plastic glasses everywhere. At 10 pm it looked a lot worse than it usually looks at 4.00 am.

Lots of broken glass around so could have done with a few more flip-flops. Thankfully England won so everyone seemed to be in a joyful, friendly (if intoxicated) mood.

Urban Blue were moving the ones too drunk to walk onto the stone benches on Jubilee Square. They had a nice line up of them, all wrapped in foil blankets. They were gradually reduced in numbers as people came to collect their little treasures. All in all the mood was quite friendly and cheerful apart from a few small scale fights that broke out as the night wore on.

We seemed to spend a lot of time handing out water bottles to drunk people.

It was good to see that most of the people in difficulty were being carefully looked after by friends. The bottle count and the water bottle count provide an indication of what the night was like. Almost back to the good (or bad) old days gone by. Almost felt nostalgic!

All in all a very pleasant night with lots of positive feedback. Finished with prayers at about 2.45.


14th July 2018

Team Leader: Alan

Deputy:  Miya

Street Pastors: Tony and Anne

Prayer Pastors: Katy, Beryl and Emma

Observer:  Martin, (Minister at Aylesford Baptist Church.)

Having sung a few praise songs with music supplied by Tony, and shared prayer we went out onto the streets just after 10pm as one team.

There were a lot of people around, but on the main all remained peaceful during the time we were out.

We headed over to Lockmeadow, where there were more people around than normal and arrived back on the town side of the bridge around 10.30pm.

There was a radio call from Urban Blue at 11pm concerning a man who was intoxicated near Santander who said that he had had his bike stolen.

As there were no police around he was going to do something to get them there!

We had an encounter with a man “A” on the High Street who Miya and Anne were talking to for about half an hour, he had taken drugs earlier in his life and

has spent time in prison. He is now estranged from his girlfriend, and is homeless. Having taken the opportunity given to Miya and Anne, they were able to speak to him about the love that God has for him. (Well done ladies!) Miya phoned in to the Prayer Pastors at 11.10 asking them to pray for him. He was not seen after we went out after our break.

11.20pm Phoned in to Prayer Pastors concerning two ladies outside Ashes who were having a heated argument. After our Prayer Pastors prayers the arguing stopped when one of the ladies moved on.

12.25am We met up with “J” who came out of his home on the corner of St. Faiths Street and Station Road, who was complaining about the noise of people going past his home. We left on good terms.

We had several good conversations, but with the town quietening down, and Urban Blue packing up, we returned to base around 2.15am and after a quick

discussion on what had happened during the evening and prayer, left for home.

There was a problem with some people coming up the alley – it is impossible to lock the gate to the road.


21st July 2018 

SP’s Phil Wendy Ian, Abby

PP’s Beryl, Baron , Alice

Pray Pastor from previous week who helps at Urban Blue popped in and gave us the heads up on a couple of things in town and for the observer jacket for Sunday’s little mix concert.

10:45 Had first of a few conversations with homeless person K, very upset because of being accused of stealing and other issues, ongoing health issues, gave her a contact for One Big family as she needed a doctors access card. We encouraged her prayed with her.

11:00 Two ladies very annoyed/angry near Urban Blue, we chatted and they calmed down.

11:45 Later speaking to K again she had a young boy around 8 or 9 years old with her which we were very concerned about, found the father in the end who was very passionate about his son but failed to realise it was getting late and that his boy was shattered and needed to go to bed, he departed but later saw him again still in town, we encourage him to take his son home or to the hotel they were staying at while visiting the area, also had family issues. Seen later heading out of town.

01:30 Two lads getting very aggressive near urban blue, eventually calmed down and left town.

02:40 Had a chat with homeless person M who was suffering extremely with his leg ulcer which he showed us, he missed an appointment, we encouraged him to get it looked at again urgently as it looked a lot worse and very serious.

02:55 Found young lady sitting on the edge of the road near the Source Bar, had lost her friend J which we contacted via her phone, she was struggling to walk and we thought it was more than just drink. Wendy helped her go to the toilet in Source Bar twice while waiting for friends to arrive in a car, Abby assisted.

Had a good chat with her friend J while waiting she was once quite involved with a church, young lady got aggressive with two ladies who were trying to help , Ian and Abbie had a good conversation with them also, eventually friends came.

Back to base and a quick prayer before finishing around 3:30.


28th July 2018

SP’s Mig, Tanya, Gwyn

PP’s Mary, Grenville

Started evening discussing how we all felt that our team was like a life group, that met every 4 weeks, and we felt able to share and pray for each other.

11:40 Passed the manager of the Beir Keller and we all remarked on how down he looked. Rang through to ask for pray for him. We spoke to him later in the evening to ask if he was OK. He said he was just struggling with the temperature, either to cold or too hot.

00.12 Met with a Homeless man (T) at the Urban Blue who was very concerned about coughing up blood and white flem specks in his spit. Admits he has been drinking heavily since he recently came out of prison.

He is registered with the college road practice, and goes to the day centre so was advised to seek advice from the doctor there.

01:55 Long chat with two couples on the bench outside McDonalds, who wanted to know what Street Pastors were. Couple getting married in Greece in 5 weeks. Have a 2 year old already but really looking forward to the wedding / holiday. Said is was cheaper to get married this way than in the UK where it can cost £25K to get married??

02:07 Near HSBC running argument between two guys, who kept walking apart then one, kept walking back with his wife asking him not to. We asked for pray and step in to talk the guy who kept walking back.

Had a good friendly chat with him and his wife and another couple they were with.

Unclear what the argument was about, but after a short while they call continued on towards the station and the other party stopped shouting and moved on.

02:13 Came across a young girl (C) who had just finished a night shift and was wating for her boyfriend to come out of Gallery to meet up with her so they could go home, he had her keys and she was staying at his. Boyfriend wanted to stay out longer with his mates, all done by text, we felt she was very vulnerable, so asked Urban Blue if she could sit with them, which they were happy to look after her. She was still with them at 03:00 when Urban Blue packed up for the day. Made sure town cameras knew where she was, to look out for her, made sure she was warm and had to leave her.

02:19 Homeless guy (D) wants to go to the Day centre but worried about going, prayed for him and tried to calm him, not sure what he was worried about.

02:42 Two very loud and drunk men outside switch Café having an argument, Pastors prayed for peace and all was OK.

03:20 Back to base with a quick prayer before finishing at 3:30.