Want to say a huge thank you for the work you do.
My daughter came home on Saturday night after she had drunk far to much and was obviously in need of your care. Such a worrying age 18 and the trouble she could of got into does not bear thinking about. So when I found out what you guys had done to help her and keep her safe I want to thank you loads.
You are all just amazing people.

Much love a very worried mum every weekend until this phase passes xxxx

(Name supplied)

I would just like to thank the 6 members for their support, compassion and professionalism in looking after my son on Saturday night. The two ladies and gentleman from Street Pastors, found him and helped support him while he was while waiting for medical help.  All did their utmost to keep him safe and conscious and keep me (his mum) positive. Thank you so much.

Would you mind passing on this information to those fantastic people. He stayed in hospital for 10 hours, with hyperthermia and sickness and is now back home. He has slept for the last 3 days but looks like he has escaped serious damage. It is believed his drink was spiked.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

(Name supplied)