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What is a Street Pastor? find out more on the National Street Pastors site by clicking on the question… the meantime here is the background to Northampton Street Pastors…….

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Northampton Street Pastors was formed in October 2008 and comes under the umbrella of The Ascension Trust which has over 12,000 Street and Prayer Pastors impacting over 270 local town and cities across the UK, Northern Ireland and now overseas. Northampton Street Pastors consists of volunteers drawn from 18 Christian churches of different denominations in Northampton.

There are thousands of people out partying in the “night-time economy” in Northampton on a Friday or Saturday night. The aim for us is to provide a listening ear and practical help to the socially marginalised, the needy and often those who have drunk too much! Street Pastors are non-judgemental and will give time and help to anyone in need.

Street Pastors typically patrol the streets of Northampton most Saturday nights from 21.30 to 02.00 (since covid pandemic) and form what is known as “The Urban Trinity” working in partnership with the police and local council. In addition we work with a range of voluntary and statutory organisations in order to reach and help all those in need.

The gospel is the motivation for what we do as Street Pastors, but is not at the forefront of what we say, although as we go around the streets of Northampton God provides wonderful opportunities to help, speak and sometimes pray for folk who mostly wouldn’t come anywhere near a Christian let alone a church!

Many people ask us if it is “dangerous” at that time of night but most evenings there is a really positive atmosphere, opportunity for us to help, and genuine appreciation by revellers of what Street Pastors are doing to help whether it is providing practical help like flip-flops, water or just listening.

Our Street Pastors in Northampton have all been on trainings course to develop specific skills and knowledge to deal with a variety of potential situations. Most will go out with a Team Leader to form a patrol on one Saturday a month and not only do we benefit from showing Christ’s love to others by helping any folk in need, but we have the privilege of building up friendships with the other Christian members of the patrol who are likely to be from another church in the town

As you can imagine prayer is very much at the centre of what we do and as “carriers of Jesus”, it is the Holy Spirit who is leading and guiding us into situations where we can help. As we go out on patrols, we are privileged to have people from different congregations who are praying and supporting the Street Pastors who are out “at the sharp end”. Some of our Prayer Pastors pray at the College Street “Base” or from home.