Value for Money?

Do we provide value for money? Whilst our aim is simply to care for people in whatever way we can, we have been grateful to learn that what we do can save time and money for the Police, the NHS and the courts. We were once asked by one of our funding assistants if we could quantify how much we might save the Police, as it may help with some of our grant applications, so we asked a local Police Inspector for his opinion. This is his response:

“It would be difficult to quantify how much you save us. If you were look at a simple offence like being drunk. It would probably take an officer a minimum of two hours to complete the booking in procedure and the paperwork. The individual would then remain in custody overnight which would also occur addition expense as he would have be closely observed because of his intoxicated state. So a simple drunk would probably cost us several hundred pounds. If he was charged to court this would increase into the thousands.

If you were able to prevent a serious assault you would save us thousands of pounds, the health service tens of thousands and the Criminal Justice System tens of thousands of pounds. If you managed to prevent a sexual assault you would also save us thousands of pounds”