Over the years we’ve seen some amazing “coincidences” arranged by our heavenly Father but I think this one has to be the best!: Two of our St Pastors, Pete and Tracey came across a young lady who asked for some bottled water, explaining that she had a specific heart condition. They gave her the water and asked what heart condition it was. She said it was a rare one that no-one else knew about apart from her and her doctor, called “POTS” (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). Pete’s daughter has exactly that condition so they told her they were very familiar with it. The girl told them the name of her doctor who was known as the only POTS specialist in Devon, who was (of course) also the same doctor caring for Pete’s daughter – the lady was so relieved to talk to someone who knew about her condition.

They then noticed another young lady who was intoxicated and extremely apologetic. She explained after many tears that was training to become a nurse but had failed a recent maths exam …..and it just so happens that Tracey is a nurse who had also struggled with maths! She then discussed in great detail her other concerns, one being waiting for the results of a recent skin biopsy on her foot, which may be cancerous. – get this – Pete is a Podiatrist and Tracey a Dermatology nurse! They provided her with reassurance and the telephone number of the clinic to ring for advice and managed to contact her father who came and took her safely home Astounded by the extent and detail of God’s love and care for these two ladies in putting the perfect two St Pastors together for them to meet and talk to that night – He is so amazing!