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Preston & South Ribble Street Pastors welcomes you to its new website. Here you will find information about our patrols, our fund raising and our teams.


We are part of a national team first pioneered in 2003, and Street Pastors continues to grow throughout the UK and across the world. Preston & South Ribble Street Pastors started patrolling in 2008.


Street Pastors are trained volunteers from local churches and we care about our community.


We patrol from 8.00pm to midnight on Friday nights in the St Matthew’s / New Hall Lane area of Preston. We spend time with young people on the estates; call into the shops, takeaways, pubs and clubs to chat with local people. All the time looking out for anyone in need.


On Saturday nights we patrol from 10.30 pm to 3.30am in Preston City Centre. We ensure the homeless are looked after and know where to go to find help; and we spend time with young people enjoying a night out in the pubs & clubs – helping everyone to stay safe.


We are there to care for, listen to and help people who are out on the streets.


We are led by our Management Team and our local Coordinator and we also have support from local churches and community groups in partnership with the police, local council and other statutory agencies.


In June 2018 we won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – which is a great accolade for all our volunteers who give so much of their time, energy and compassion to serve the people of Preston.


If you are interested in finding out more about our work, or are interested in becoming a Street Pastor, please contact us using

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