“Hi, I’m Wendy, I’ve been a Street Pastor for two and a half years and I can honestly say it’s been a life changing experience for me.
I used to avoid going into the town where I patrol as a Street Pastor on a Friday or Saturday night, but now I look forward to it; to seeing young people out enjoying themselves, to chat with them, but to help them too. We give out lollipops to any who want them and flip flops to women who are hobbling out of the nightclubs in their high heels. If people have had too much to drink, we make sure they are alright, give them bottles of water and stay with them until they are sober enough to get a cab home.
They are always so grateful and remember it was Street Pastors who helped them. We are often greeted with hugs and sometimes with expressions such as “We love you!” and “You saved my life!”.