The Street Pastors motto is – listening, caring and helping, following the example of Jesus himself. 

Prayer for the work of all our teams and volunteers is vital. We have Prayer Pastors and among other things they will pray for:  

Praying Pic

  • for our Street Pastor team, for safety and good conversations
  • peace and harmony on the streets and in the night time entertainment venues
  • safety for all those out in our Town Centre, whether they are out for a good time or on duty serving.
  • that our patrols will be in the right places at the right times to help those most in need
  • grace and wisdom to deal with each situation as it arises

To facilitate this prayer our Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors are in regular contact with each other so the prayers can be relevant and effective.

Our Prayer Pastors make a vital contribution to our work, and in addition to the above also pray for the following:

  • continued strength and motivation for this work
  • financial provision for the work
  • God’s guidance for the development of the work

We are in need of additional Prayer Pastors, for both Friday and Saturday nights, if you would be willing to go on rota for one or two nights per month please contact us.

If you aren’t able to come out for the whole night perhaps you could support by praying from home for our our teams on certain nights.

We also would love more of our Eastbourne Churches to support us in prayer. For more information on how to support us in prayer either as a church or as an individual please contact our coordinator Graeme Bunn by using the Contact Page or call 07590416190.