Being a Street Pastor or a Prayer Pastor is not easy but it is fulfilling and incredibly rewarding.

If you’re interested in becoming a Street Pastor then the first thing we would like to do is invite you to come out one evening to observe what happens on a patrol with one of our teams.

Please use the contact details on this website to get in touch and arrange a date. After that, there are a few basic requirements to meet and then some forms to fill out.

The basic requirements are:

  • That you are over 18
  • That you have been based in a local Christian Church for at least one year
  • That your Church Leader will give you a positive reference
  • That you complete all the forms and DBS check
  • That you will commit to completing the training course (14 sessions over an 18 month period)
  • That you will commit to serving a minimum of 1 night a month (a Friday or Saturday depending on the rota)

You can download at the bottom of this page the documents you need to complete to apply:

  • Street Pastor Application Form
  • Confidential Self Disclosure form
  • Confidential Self Disclosure Guidance Notes

If you are able to send forms electronically to that helps to speed the process. Some forms can be completed electronically and sent in whilst others can be hand written, scanned and sent. Of course, if that is not possible they can be sent by post or given to us in person.

We passionately believe that God is at work through the Street Pastor ministry and pray that if He is calling you to join us on the streets that He will prepare the way for you to join the training course.

The training and uniform does cost £300 per person. We ask all volunteers to meet this cost, we are quite happy for this to be covered at the start of the training or by monthly payments of £10. Many of our local churches support their members by contributing one third or more of this cost, they usually require the applicant to ask.

Downloadable Forms

SP Application Form 1

Confidential Self Declaration Form 2016

SP Confidential Self Declaration Form Guidance Notes


If you wish to know more please use the contact page and send us an email or call Graeme Bunn on 07933 869042