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Can we help you?

Can we help you?

We hope that the answer to this question is “yes!”. When any of us is faced with a problem, 9 times out of 10, all we need is someone to talk to. All of our Street Pastors are trained to be good listeners and to do so with confidentiality and compassion. 

But we are also trained in topics as diverse as first aid; dependencies, whether that be alcohol, drugs or other substances; mental and emotional wellbeing; and safety in the night-time economy. We work closely with other organisations, many of whom help deliver our training. Together, we can direct you to help and support that extends beyond talking to us on the street.

If you’re struggling with anything then chat to us. We can probably help there-and-then, and connect you to any further support that you may need.

If you find yourself in difficulty on the street then grab us. We’ll look after you and help to keep you safe.