Meet the Team

In addition to those below, not shown are the invaluable Prayer Pastors and the wider network of others supporting in prayer this work, those involved and those who we aim to care for.


Yvonne Champion, our Coordinator from July 2019


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Street Pastors:
The first 2 groups Commissioned 18th May 2013 and 19th Jan 2014

Best 060 P10107 Best of 19Jan14 lot






(as ever, circumstances change and today not all those shown above are currently
acting and others have been recruited since.)

Prayer Coordinator:

Paul Newton promotes our prayer support, in all its forms,
and the monthly prayer meeting. The prayer support is for
what we try to do and for those who we seek to care for.


1 or 2 more wanted please!
See ‘Ways to Help’ page.

Andrew Emm   – Member, Dale Street Methodist Church