There are 2 key but very different roles,

Street Pastors and
Prayer Pastors (scroll further down)…

Join as a Street Pastor

Do please consider becoming a Street Pastor and fully explore any reservations that you might have. 20 more volunteers are needed.

Explore by:
• Watch the Street Pastors videos on Youtube such as this 5 minute Street Pastors Video    (not Leamington but expresses so much of what we are about).
• It might be possible to come out as an Observer for part of one evening.
• Read the ‘A Typical Patrol Night’ page.
• Ring 0778966953941 to chat over your thoughts or email us.

Street Pastors come from across the wide Christian community and can be anyone who:
• Is 18 or older and successfully clears a DBS (was CRB) records check.
• Has been committed to a Christian fellowship for more than a year.
• Obtains a positive reference from their Church Leader/Minister/Priest.
• Agrees with the Street Pastors ethos & approach.
• Agrees to wear the uniform supplied (of which there are several variants).
• Completes our training course (usually about 6 Saturdays)

The training is practical and useful. Operating in a team of 3 or 4 and with a radio link to the CCTV centre, the streets become a familiar and enjoyable place.  We are received with warmth and appreciation by those out having a good, if sometimes rowdy, night out.

Application Form on the Forms & Documents page.

Response Pastors: Several of our Street Pastors have undergone additional training and hold themselves ready to give emotional and physical support to people affected by any disaster or crisis that might arise in this area or even much wider afield. A request to deploy them would come from the emergency services, would be coordinated by our national HQ and might go on for several days. The people suffering emotional trauma might be at temporary relief centres, might be the emergency services personnel themselves at the scene of a major incident or some other situation.

Join as a Prayer Pastor
Whilst out & about the Street Pastor team know they, and those they meet, are supported in prayer by an individual (or couple) praying at home before going to sleep.

Before going out on patrol at about 10.20pm, the SP team will phone that night’s Prayer Pastor on a mobile phone set to ‘speaker phone’.  In this way they can all share a few minutes of prayer as if they are all in the room together. Typically the Prayer Pastors will say they are happy to be phoned at the next break (around midnight) or even be woken up later still if the SPs feel there is an ongoing situation, or has been a situation, needing to be lifted to God in prayer, though this happens very rarely.

Situations envisaged might be:
• Practical aid has been given, or a useful conversation had, but there is an abiding feeling that the person has gone off still troubled by something, or seems vulnerable and there is concern for them.
• A situation seems to be brewing which might be made worse by attempting to intervene.

A component of our prayer support is a monthly prayer meeting, open to all, held on the first Saturday of each month from 10am to 11am at Chandos Street Baptist Church (side door). Do drop in one month.

If you feel you might be able to do this then do chat to Vanessa Cooper our Prayer Coordinator.
See the Contacts page.


“How old are you ?…At your age you should be in bed at this time of night”