We were back on the streets again this weekend. The team went out knowing they had and were being prayed for. They were out making the streets safer; collecting bottles that could easily be made into weapons. Many people out enjoying the city were glad to see us back. Perhaps for everyone it’s a sign that maybe we are reclaiming our pre-COVID lives. The desire to be out and meeting up with friends is strong.

The universities in the city have students back in situ. We were able to offer directions to those who were unsure of where different venues are in the city. This was gratefully received and helped their evenings carry on smoothly.

We have been given a number of knitted items which we have been distributing to a number of organisations. We have given scarves to the Sound Café which meets at Mary De Castro. The Sound Café is for the homeless to come and be creative whether that is through song, poetry or art. They were so thankful for the scarves as the weather becomes chillier.