Last Friday saw a team out on the streets of Leicester supporting the council’s reapplication for the Purple Flag Award indicating the city centre is a safe place to be. The team went out early and despite the cold weather chatted to people who were just finishing their shopping.

The Highcross was still open and many of the shops were still trading. People were interested in who we were and why we were out. There were lots of families around enjoying the decorations and the lights.

Down at the clock tower we took the opportunity to have a suitably Christmassy photo. It was a shame there were no lights on the tree but it did look festive.

Unfortunately, we did not see the Purple Flag assessors whilst we were patrolling but we hope that the city did well and that they are awarded the Purple Flag. The city is a great place to celebrate and meet friends. Towards the end of the patrol we saw lots of people making their way to the wide variety of venues across the city, dressed in fabulous clothes and looking forward to enjoying themselves!! It may have been bitterly cold but people were keen to enjoy the delights of the city!

We went up to Jubilee Square to see the Big Wheel but none of the team fancied going up!! The ice rink was up but no-one was skating – mind you it was cold enough outside to skate!!

It was strange to be out on a Friday and to be out early but we know we were a blessing to those we met.