We saw a girl come out of a night club alone and quite drunk, so we went over to see if we could help in any way. However, within a few seconds she was “latched onto” by two men who, when we got there, were trying to persuade her she wanted to go in a taxi with them. With her permission, our lady Street Pastor took her arm to support her, but one of the men made sure he was taking the other arm and continued with his persuasion.

It was touch and go for a while as she was wavering, and we were aware that she had her free will, so we were praying quietly. To our relief she decided she wanted to get a taxi alone to another club and even more thankfully, said so quite firmly to the guys, who left her alone and went off.

She was still vulnerable though and we weren’t comfortable thinking she was simply going to go on to another club alone and in that condition. We continued to quietly pray and hold her (near) vertical for some time, while we mentioned the possibility that she might want to go home and be safe and warm.

At last our prayers were answered and she now decided she wanted to go home, so we rang for a taxi and stayed with her till it came – off she went, safe and sound – phew!

I thought about it afterwards – to us that’s a fairly “standard” part of what we do, but had she got into a taxi with those two guys, who knows what difference it might have made to her?