Hi – I was hoping you’d be able to pass on my thanks to the two street pastors who took care of me on Saturday night after I was attacked by a group of men on North Hill. They sat with me and calmed me down until the police arrived, giving me tissues and water and making me feel safe after what happened. I was incredibly scared and alone until they came and they helped me so much. I have forgotten their names but I just wanted to let you know how lovely they were and to thank you and all your pastors for the amazing job they selflessly do. I’m forever grateful. N…..

 Good morning, just really wanted to say thank you, I was walking home last night after a party. I was slightly drunk and had taken my high heels off to walk home, some pastors walked past me, asked if I was ok, would I like flip flops to walk home, be safe. In this day and age this act of humanity and kindness really touched me. Thank you for being there xxx

Thank you for all the key work you do keeping our streets safe at night. Doing a class project, think you guys are pretty cool

Thank you for your support that enabled my 18 year old step-daughter to get home last night. You were able to find a contact number and a family member was able to go pick her up. Thank you for being there

Thank you to the kind people who looked after my son celebrating his 21st last night! You do such great work and are appreciated

 Hi there I just wanted to say thank you to the group that was working last night. I was in a bit of a mess, much to my embarrassment, but you guys really helped me out. I’m so sorry you had to deal with me in that state and you went above and beyond and I really appreciate your help. I may not remember much from last night but I just thought it was important to say thank you. Best wishes S.

Hello I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to Pete (he said to call him the good looking one!) and his team who so compassionately helped my friend H. on Saturday night outside the Union Rooms. I know you will have seen it all and this is part of your voluntary role, but we really do appreciate it. I promised Pete I would get in touch about your organisation possibly coming into our sixth form to give a talk.

Hi – could you please pass my thanks on to your team who helped me last night? I don’t remember much but wanted to say thank you as it’s important to. I’m not sure what I would have done without your help.

Hi – to the helpful person last night who helped my daughter K. Thank you so much, you do marvellous work. Please pass on our gratitude to the other team members.

Could you please pass my thanks on to one of your ladies who helped my daughter on Saturday night who had drunk too much and was unwell. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the lady but would like to convey my thanks for making sure she was looked after until I arrived. She is feeling much better today thank you. You do a wonderful and heartwarming job. Thank you for keeping us safer

I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you do. You helped us last night get reconnected and took us to the taxi rank xxx. I tried to give you a donation and none of you would take it, how can I do this as you really are lovely people?

(message received with an online donation) On Saturday night just been I was saved by your organisation and I am so grateful. This is merely a token of the thanks I feel. I hope your work continues and would love to volunteer with you.

Hi – I went out last night and lost my phone and I know I was being cared by some Street Pastors as I was ridiculously drunk. I just want to express my sincere gratitude to whoever looked after me in my state, and I also want to apologise for being that drunk. Whoever looked after me were absolute angels so thank you so so so much

On a recent patrol a young man crossed the road to talk to us, saying You guys do a fantastic job – he explained that he had been on the streets for 5 years and said that, when you’re on the streets and people ignore or maybe kick you for being there, you tend to wonder, What is the point of it all? Then he said But you guys come along and give us the time of day and respect us, and it makes you think that maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel after all, adding You don’t know the value of what you do. He then told us that he now has a flat and is doing well, and thanked us again.

(sort of a thankyou) – Recently we were approached by one young lassie who said she had been helped some months previously. Yes it had to be with flip flops!! She had been drunk, very drunk; apparently she had got extremely cross and angry about ‘our’ God; that what we believed was all rubbish etc. She apologised to me for how she behaved, what she had said, how she had said it and how she treated me. She remembered that I wouldn’t get cross with her, no matter how angry she got, or what she had said.

I told her it didn’t matter because God so loved her and would always love her. She said That’s just what you said last time, I still don’t get your God, but you know there must be something…. She gave me a big hug, evidently relieved that she had had an opportunity to apologise.

I will be eternally grateful as 4 years ago I was knocked unconscious on North Hill and left there. The Street Pastors suddenly appeared, put me in the recovery position and called an ambulance

I would like to thank you all for taking care of me last night when I collapsed at Derrys Cross. I haven’t been out for a drink with the lads since my stag night 7 years ago and I was unfortunately well out of practice.

You all cared for me so well, you were probably with me for an hour or so as I was in a right state. Thank you all so much. I don’t know what would have happened if you were not there to look after me. My wife is also very grateful to you all. Thank you again and my upmost sincere apologies for getting myself into that state. Very sincerely. C.

Just want to say a massive thank you to the gentleman and two ladies who walked me home on the night of 24th September (more like early hours of 25th), they were all so welcoming and nice and as well as walking me to my door they warned me of potential risks of walking home at night – some of which I wasn’t at all aware of! Again, thank you all so much, what you do is amazing and it doesn’t go unnoticed!! R. x

Thank you so much for taking care of our son on Saturday evening. I know you spent a great deal of time with him and we are very grateful that you were there for him. Please find enclosed a small donation towards the great work that you do. Thank you again. God bless you all

During a recent patrol we spent some time assisting a young lady till her mum came to collect her. Mum was great and got a taxi in and collected her daughter.

On the Sunday evening I got a text which said, Hello, this is N……’s mum. You kindly called me this morning to inform me that N was drunk and needed to come home. I just wanted to say thank you very much for looking after her and waiting until I got there. She is fine now and it’s all thanks to your help

Good evening, I just wanted to say thank you very much for looking after me last night. Thank you so much for making sure I got home safely E

I am incredibly grateful to the Street Pastors on Mutley Plain last night who provided me and my friend with flip flops when our feet had completely given up in our heels!!! I know it’s very minor in the fantastic work you do but I cannot tell you how happy it made me at that moment in time!!! Angels! Thank you for the work you do.

Just want to thank the lovely team that were working last night! They helped me get my keys and phone in order for me to get home! Couldn’t have done it without them! Keep up the good work

Thank you Street Pastors – you saved my friend’s life – he got glassed and the only people that came to his aid were you

“I am writing to say “thank you”, (which seems such small words for what the St. Pastors did for my son) – in the early hours of Sunday morning I had a call from a St. Pastor to say my son had been found drunk and very worse for wear and alone.

They stayed with him, looking after him without judging him until I could get to them. Then they helped us get a taxi home. Please thank the lady and the two male St. Pastors who took the time to help us and I’m sure many others in the same way that evening. Having spent just a short time with them I witnessed their kindness and dedication to what they do

“I would like to say thank you – on Saturday your kindness was much appreciated. We were on our way home after leaving a pub, my feet were so sore and I was walking barefoot.
Your kind team stopped to talk to us and gave me a pair of flip flops. I was so grateful…….the lady was wonderful. I did tell her it was a night out as I would be going in for surgery after
having a cancer scare – she gave me a hug and said a prayer, she made me feel good, and I won’t forget it – I wanted to give a donation, but the lady said they could not accept one……could you please send me an address so that I can donate?……..and again thank you so much”

“Hi. I would just like to say a huge thank you to the 4 lovely street pastors who stayed with me until my partner arrived to pick me up last night. My friends were freezing, so I told them to go on as I wasn’t feeling too well. Not drink I might add. I had an upset tummy. My friends were reluctant to leave me, but the pastors assured them they would stay with me which they did. I totally admire the work you all do and thank you very much again. xxx A –M”

“What a fantastic service you provide. Helped the Mrs out last night and wouldn’t take my money, so had to donate this morning. Great charity run by even better people. Many thanks”

“Hi there, On Saturday night I was taken to hospital in an ambulance that was called by the street pastors. I have no idea who they were but just simply want to thank them so much. They helped me out while I was unconscious, they kept me warm, safe and called the ambulance to help. Without them being there the night could have been far worse. Thank you so much. O.”

I would like to thank the Street Pastors who helped me with my friend last night. Luckily she’s now on the mend, as doctors think that she had a reaction to the alcohol which caused the stomach pain. Your assistance with supplying a poncho, blankets and water was much appreciated. Thank you so much!

I would like to thank them for helping my son one night when he’d drank way too much and was in a bad way until we got to him to get him home. If it wasn’t for them helping him, giving him water and keeping him going, I think he would have ended up in Derriford, which wastes the nurses’ and doctors’ time. They do amazing work out there. I think the hospitals should also be pleased, as they help to keep a lot of drunk people out of hospitals. “Thank you so much !!!!”

They helped my friend’s daughter, who was drunk, 19 and had lost her shoes. Street Pastors came along, gave her a pair of flip flops and made sure she safely got home. It’s for that, that I think it’s a good idea and for that I’m eternally grateful.

“Thank you Street Pastors for being there, I feel 100% safer”