I’m always amazed at how the simplest things, to us, can make such a huge difference to the people we do them for, like the following example:

We walked past a group of friends obviously saying goodbye after an evening together – one of the girls went to the kerb to try and flag a taxi down. It was in a very public place so we walked on, but as she was still there when we walked back some 20 minutes later, I asked one of our ladies just to check she was OK.

No, she was not – the more that no taxi had stopped, the more she was starting to panic as, a few years earlier, she had been “glassed” by another girl who had thought she was trying to steal her boyfriend. As you can imagine this had left scars on more than just her face and she was now very shaky

We re-assured her that we would walk with her to a taxi rank and as we walked, she kept saying “I can’t believe it”! (that anyone would care for her unconditionally like that). She was even more shocked when, having got to the taxi rank, she turned to say thank you and goodbye, but we said we were going to wait with her until she actually got into a bona fide taxi. We felt we could ask the couple who were in front of her in the queue if they minded her going before them, which they happily agreed to – the taxi came, big grateful hugs and thanks, job done – amazing how the simplest thing to us can mean so much to
others, – Thank you Lord!