We patrolled eight times during December 2023 and January 2024. We patrolled in Grove and Wantage on ‘Black Friday’, the last Friday before Christmas, which we are pleased to say was a busy night that passed without major incident. We also patrolled on New Year’s Eve. Again, a busy evening which was good natured and mostly peaceful. Street Pastors attended to a scuffle as it broke out and offered lollies in an attempt to calm things down – and it worked!!!

In January we spent a considerable amount of time with a homeless young man. Having no work, he had fallen on hard times and had been sleeping rough for 4 nights. Being the start of a really cold snap, we tried to find some emergency housing for him but were unsuccessful. We also gave him a hot soup, some snacks, a jumper and a pair of gloves. The police joined us in trying to find him some accommodation but were also unsuccessful. We used our power pack to charge his phone and he was able to contact a friend and stay in their shed for the night. We met the same man a month later and he said he was really grateful for our help and that he now had somewhere to live.

A member of the public asked us to keep an eye on a young man who was very drunk. His brother had booked a taxi for him so we waited with him and ensured that he got into the right taxi and made his way home safely.

We met a young man who recalled a time when he met Street Pastors while he was drinking in Wantage park underage. He was proud to tell us that he has a job now and doesn’t drink as much, he doesn’t stay out late and even walks away from fights. He then told us we should bring back Vimto lollies.

We are pleased to report, that after a long period of absence, Vimto lollies are back!

December 2023 January 2024
Patrols 3 5
Hours 14 21
Flip-flops 5 2
Lollies ~270 ~220
Water 9 5









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