A big ‘thank you’ to Linda Jenyon for all the hard work she has done for us. Linda, after 14 years service, has decided it is time for her to move on to new opportunities. It was Linda who had the vision of Street Pastors in Chester and we would not be the charity we are today without her hard work and dedication.

Her StoryLinda Jenyon

In 2007 Linda heard about Street Pastors set up by Ascension Trust in 2003. God had put on her heart that Street Pastors should be started in Chester. She spoke to the pastor of her Church, Roger Jeavons. He put her in touch with Trevor Becket, a minister in Ellesmere Port who was also considering starting Street Pastors in Ellesmere Port. In October of 2007 they organised a meeting in St.Thomas Church Ellesmere Port to share the vision of Street Pastors and see if people would be interested in getting it started in Chester and Ellesmere Port. From that meeting a management group was formed, which Linda played a major part in and volunteers were found. In 2008 the charity Cheshire West Street Pastors was founded and Linda was a founder trustee.


Street PastorsChester Street Pastor Launch

On Friday 26th September 2008 Linda was on the first patrol that went out onto the streets of Chester. Her vision had become a reality. She served as a Street Pastor Team Leader and a trustee doing a lot of the administration work and organising the patrol rotas. Her charismatic personality and enthusiasm for Street Pastors encouraged people to get involved in Chester Street Pastors as volunteers, trustees and our Street Pastor Coordinator (Mike Meynell). In February 2009 Street Pastors started in Ellesmere Port and Linda served as a volunteer as a Street Pastor in both Chester and Ellesmere Port.

School PastorsSchool Pastors

When Ascension Trust started School Pastors, Trevor Becket and Linda saw that this would better suit for the work we were doing in Ellesmere Port. As the project was being established in the Ellesmere Port Academy School, Trevor Becket left Ellesmere Port and Chester Street Pastors for a new ministerial opportunity. Linda took on the role as a volunteer School Pastor. She stopped being a Trustee of the charity and being a Street Pastor in Chester. She became the School Pastor Coordinator; however, she was still involved in the Street and School Pastor management group and worked hard in serving practically for the charity and giving direction to the charity’s work.

What’s next

Without Linda Chester Street Pastors and Cheshire West School Pastors would not be here. With the event of the pandemic and work of both charities being suspended, it has given Linda the chance to consider what she should do next.  Linda heard God very clearly speak to her to let go of School Pastors as He was opening a new opportunity for her. We know as a charity that whatever this new opportunity will be, Linda will be a key part of its success. Linda will be very much missed by all the volunteers and trustees, but we all want to pray and bless her in her new adventure with God.