Here’s the question; are you concerned for the wellbeing and safety of people, of whatever age or background, socialising in the night time economy? They could be your kids, neighbours, friends, work colleagues, etc, or indeed total strangers in need of a helping hand or just an encouraging word. If that’s you and you’re over 18, a regular attender of a Christian church or group meeting, have a heart for God, are willing to roll up your sleeves and show love to those in need or your help and time one Saturday night a month, then we should talk!

We are a group of individuals committed to doing just that and invite you to chat with us, suss us out, come on the street with us one night as an Observer and see if the cap might fit. There is an application procedure with references and a training programme spread over a period of months. There are some costs involved towards Uniforms and Training, but that should not be a cause of someone not joining.  We can be quite creative in addressing that!

If this has stirred you and you’re keen to hear more, please complete the Contact Form in the Contact US section and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.