IMG_0578 (640x480)Hounslow Street Pastors was officially launched in July 2009 at Hounslow Civic Centre. This was the result of several local churches getting together to put their support behind the initiative. The initiative has also received support from the local police and council who were keen to get behind an initiative that has proved itself in other areas.

We patrol in central Hounslow twice monthly on Friday nights between 9.30pm and 1.30am. The volunteers come from 8 local churches of several different denominations. We also have a team of Prayer Pastors who remain at our night base and pray for the Street Pastors throughout the night. We rely on donations to fund our training, uniforms and the supplies we give out. We give out flip-flops to girls who can’t stagger home in their high heels, bottles of water, foil blankets and other items as needed.

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