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Welcome to the Minehead Street & School Pastors Website!

patrol1We thank you for looking us up and hope you will find our website informative. Please click on the above links to find out more about us.

We hope to see you on the Streets and if you see us please come over and say “Hi”

It has been a privilege to continue serving within our local community.

You will find more about Street & School Pastors on the national website

Kindest Regards and BlessingsThe Minehead Pastors team.





Join Us

If you want to get involved with Street or School Pastors, there are opportunities for new volunteer Pastors and for Prayer Pastors...


Our Street & School Pastor teams are made up of two parts: the street & playground patrols and our Prayer Pastors who stay back at base and PRAY!

National News

Check out the International Street Pastors website.