‘School Pastors are volunteers who work around schools to provide safety and reassurance to students, parents and local residents.  School Pastors provide uniformed patrols in areas agreed with the school, such as around the school entrance or at places where young people congregate.  Their role is to provide support to students and a positive adult presence: to listen, to care and to help.

School Pastors aim to promote safety and help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour before and after school hours.  Volunteers work in and around the school site, focusing particularly on hot-spots identified by schools, local police, parents and students. They provide support to students who are experiencing difficulties with their school and community life.’

To learn more…..http://www.schoolpastors.org.uk/

How it began in Minehead…..

In 2012 a group of ‘College Pastors’ began a pilot project in West Somerset College  working one lunchtime a week, wearing canary yellow fleeces!  With the enthusiastic support of the College, this grew over the following four years and we are now a fully-trained, commissioned branch of  School Pastors working under Ascension Trust as a branch of Minehead Street Pastors.  Pastors are all volunteers from local churches with a deep love for young people & a desire to show them a listening, caring ear.

On Wednesday 20th April 2016,  22 School and Prayer Pastors were commissioned by Adrian Prior Sankey from Ascension Trust at a wonderful service hosted by Alcombe Methodist Church.  Over 100 attended including representatives from the local council, police, churches and schools.

Over time the number of sessions School Pastors provided to the College increased and they currently work three lunchtimes a fortnight and every Monday after school. All the time school pastors are out patrolling they are backed and supported by a further group of prayer pastors praying onsite.  Without that group praying pastors will not patrol.  They are all part of the same team.

We are always ready to welcome new volunteers who are Christians keen to serve either as  fully trained School Pastors or as  Prayer Pastors.  If this interests you please…

Contact Ian at minehead@schoolpastors.org.uk

Ian Candy