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How it all began in Minehead…

Publicised the previous day by a very encouraging front page article in the local West Somerset Free Press, Minehead Street Pastors launched on Saturday 26th March 2011.  “A very special evening…”was just one of the many positive comments made following our first Commissioning Service held at the Avenue Methodist Church and attended by over 70 people. A process we started in 2009, finally came to realisation when Adrian Prior-Sankey, Ascension Trust representative, commissioned 13 new Street Pastors, aged from 34 to 69 and drawn from the churches of Minehead. Messages of support and encouragement were given by representatives of Police and Council.



2011 Commissioning Service



How it is today…

Now, in 2017, there are 16 active Street Pastors and 17 Prayer Pastors.

Teams of three go  out every Saturday night from our base in the Ave Methodist Church wearing the distinctive uniforms and caps.  We walk around the numerous bars and pubs from 10pm until 3 am closing time.  Armed with sweets, water and flip-flops we are not about preaching, but offering practical help, love and support.

The gospel is the motivation for what we do as Street Pastors, but is not at the forefront of what we say, although as we go around the streets of Minehead God provides wonderful opportunities to help, speak and sometimes pray for folk who mostly wouldn’t come anywhere near a Christian let alone a church!

Many people ask us if it is ‘dangerous’ at that time of night but most evenings there is a really positive atmosphere, opportunity for us to help, and genuine appreciation by revellers of what Street Pastors are doing to help whether it is providing practical help like flip-flops, water or just listening.

Prayer cover for the pastors is very important when we are out. We are very thankful to our loyal team of Prayer Pastors who meet in the Ave Methodist Church whilst we patrol the streets, and also for those prayer partners at home who also faithfully pray for us.


2016 Commissioning Service for School & Street Pastors

If you feel God’s calling to join Minehead Street Pastors or if you would like to join our prayer team, please email us. We would love to hear from you!

Contact Ian at  minehead@streetpastors.org.uk  

Ian Candy