Our Street Pastor teams and School Pastor teams are each made up of two parts: the street or school patrols and our Prayer Pastors who stay back at base and PRAY!

Without their prayer support neither the Street Pastors nor the School Pastors  will go out.  Both Street & School Pastors work as teams with their Prayer Pastors both roles being equally important.

Some of our volunteers feel specifically called to pray, whilst for others, they feel that being part of a street or school patrol is a little too much for them.  Whatever their reasons, our Prayer Pastors are invaluable to us.

Prayer for the work of all our teams is vital.  Amongst other things our prayers are for:

  • A share of the compassion of God for people of all ages
  • Continued strength and motivation for this work
  • Spiritual resources of grace and love
  • The safety and protection of all Street & School Pastors
  • Financial provision for the work
  • God’s guidance for the development of the work