Sometimes when we ring in to the prayer pastors it can be difficult to know what to ask them to pray for – our team had an incident on our last patrol which brought home the fact that, when we lift a person or situation to the Lord in prayer, he knows exactly what is needed without being told.

We had just left base to walk to the Barbican when we were called back by some lads to help a young lady who had fallen in a doorway. She was rather the worse for wear, but said she was on her way home. We offered to walk with her, which she at first declined, but when we told her she’d been walking in completely the wrong direction she agreed she could probably use our help. So we began to make slow progress towards her house.

Some time later we were halfway along Royal Parade when one of the team members spotted a bag on the grass. No ID in it, only a set of keys. Yes, it turned out to belong to our young friend, and those were her house keys! We hadn’t even realised they were lost!