It was the last shift of the evening and the Street Pastors were informed that there was a car driving around the car park at Oceana with men ‘tooled up’ with knuckle dusters and studded belts. The doormen felt that the presence of the Street Pastors would calm the situation and one jokingly said Can you pray that this place is cleared by 4 am?

So the Street Pastors phoned in to base to request prayer for the situation and that the place be empty by 4 am. With perhaps a little self-interest(!) the Prayer Pastors said that they would pray that it would be clear by 3.50 am, so that the Street Pastors could get back to base and we could get away on time.

After 10 minutes of hard prayer (getting away on time always focuses the mind), the Prayer Pastors received a phone call from the Street Pastors saying that a fleet of taxis had arrived and ferried everyone away, and there was no sign of the men in the car.…the time? 3.50am!