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Listening, Caring & Helping in the Streets since 2007 | Friendship, Safety & Care in Schools since 2016

Portsmouth Street Pastors was born out of a prayerful desire of churches in Portsmouth to come together as one united body, to be the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus by providing support in the city’s night time economy. The first patrol took place in 2007, and our Street Pastors have been visiting the city centre and Southsea every weekend since. 

In 2016 the need grew towards our city’s schools also, and ‘School Pastors’ was born. Our School Pastor volunteers visit two secondary schools in the city – one in the centre and one to the east. Visits take place at break and lunch times, and offer an opportunity to spend time listening to and encouraging the children and their teachers. 

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Street Pastor Patrols 18, 19, 20 Sept 2020

Observations: Friday night: 10.10pm: Wetherspoons - No S.D.  Pop World - Good S.D.  (S.D. - social distancing) 10.45pm opposite Astoria WF (20+) sick, gave water and wet wipes to friend helping. Mr Miyagi’s - No S.D, 2 police officers stood outside.   Astoria - No...

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Take The Plunge with School Pastors

As it is, there are many parts but one body. 1 Corinthians 12:20 “We’re all different, we all come together and we work together, but at the same time individually but within the school. So I would say; ‘try and take the plunge, at least attend some training sessions...

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