Southampton Street Pastors are a charitable company (Comp. No. 7292166 & Charity No. 1137759) that has nearly 130 Christian volunteers drawn from over 50 churches in and around Southampton. In Southampton we have been operating since 2009. We operate under license from Ascension Trust and are part of a countrywide (and international) network operating in nearly 300 towns and cities in the UK and abroad.


 The Street Pastor Movement embraces Christians from a range of denominations with a passion for Jesus and for the betterment of the community, who adhere to the following five core values:

  1. The Sacredness and Sanctity of Human Life
  2. Valuing and Honouring the Community
  3. Being a Person of Integrity
  4. Taking Personal Responsibility
  5. Promoting the Growth and Development of the Individual to their Fullest Potential

We offer reassurance, safety and support through listening, caring and helping.

A large scale incident, SPs will be helping where they can
It takes all sorts!
Engage, Engage, Engage!