St Helens Street Pastors are now the very proud owners of our own online fundraising page. Take a look and let us know what you think!

You can find us here

(Of course we would be over the moon if you also shared a donation with us, for any amount, while you are there 🙂 )

Any donations will help us with the running costs of the project; keeping us in supplies so that we can continue to give out free flip flops, waters, spikeys and biscuits / sweets to help people who need to come around a bit before they can get a taxi home.

Funding also helps pay for the cost of the coordinator role so that all the background admin and preparation can be kept up, making life as smooth as possible for the volunteers so that they can spend their time where needed most rather than worrying about organisational issues.

Why give?

Our Street Pastors are all volunteers, giving their time and energy to a project that is very close to their heart. Some have children of their own and wish that there had been someone on the streets to help keep them safe when they were going out with friends. Some of us simply see how much more vulnerable people are in the night-time economy compared to when we were young and want to do what we can to change that for young people nowadays. All of us want to share Jesus love in our local community in a practical way, serving others by helping make their night out safer and perhaps more enjoyable than it may have been because they found someone who wants to listen to them.

Giving makes you feel good 🙂

We will be extremely grateful 🙂 🙂

Last but not least, we chose as our platform because you can donate as little or as much as you like, whenever you like. They ask you to set up an account with them so that you have complete control over your donations and  you also have a choice of payment methods available to you from your account. In other words they make it as simple as possible for donors and recipients and that has to be a good thing…