St Helens Street Pastors is growing and changing, or should I say evolving. We currently go out on two patrols per month. At the moment we do have some awesome trainees who are working towards licensing though.

We have three trainee Street Pastors working through training and one applicant we are welcoming into the family. St Helens Street Pastors are truly blessed with the personalities and skills of our Street Pastor family here. Our work together is a real pleasure as volunteering needs to be. After all people are making a huge time and cost commitment to support this fledgling charity. Street Pastoring is a calling and a joy though if you have a heart for helping which all our volunteers do.

We started out patrolling on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. That was what was agreed way back when Street Pastors was being set up in St Helens. SO that’s what our current volunteers are able to commit to. After tonight we will be moving the 4th Friday patrol to the 4th Saturday as a trial during July and August. Feedback from police and doormen in our local town centre is that Saturday’s are busier; and so we feel we are likely to meet more people who need the support we can offer by doing this.

Eventually we plan to have enough volunteers to go out on both weekend nights; but at the moment we need to be flexible to provide the best support we can. If you would like to volunteer with us, contact me on any of the details you will find here. I would love to chat with you about it. There’s no obligation to find out how you might enjoy becoming part of our family on mission 🙂

So we will be in town tonight, Friday 23rd June, then our next patrols will be:

Friday 14th July

Saturday 29th July

Friday 11th August

Saturday 26th August

Do come over and chat if you see our distinctive uniforms. We look forward to seeing you there 🙂


Growing and changing must be one of the key challenges for any new organisation. If you would like to help us to grow and recruit, please use this cool way of supporting us as you shop online. It is completely free to use, and even when you are shopping offers via your support page the shops give us a small percentage. It really works, we have been paid and are eternally grateful for the opportunity to raise funds this way

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Give as you live to support St Helens Street Pastors thank you so much 🙂