Isn’t that just a beautiful message full of blessings and also of love?

A real message of hope and comfort. No matter what we are experiencing right now, God wants the future to be brighter. He wants to offer us His grace, He wants to surround us with His unconditional love and mercy.

Here in the St Helens team we know that He put Street Pastoring on our hearts because we believe this wholeheartedly and want to share that message with the people that we meet. It’s a real privilege to be able to meet people in dark places and shine a little of Jesus love and care into their lives; offering to bless others with a listening ear or some practical support, in turn blesses us tenfold.

That’s one of the ways that God multiplies the blessings that He sends. Jesus shines His light on us; and as we share that with others the Holy Spirit in turn burns brighter inside us and blesses us even more. How can life get better than that?

If each of us paid forward just one of the ways in which we feel blessed each and everyday, imagine what the world would be like in 6 months from now. How different would it feel? How much more at peace would we be with ourselves and with each other?

There is a Chris Rice song that we adopted as our theme tune here in St Helens called Go Light Your World. It speaks about the spirit that comes to live inside us and burn brightly. The spirit that enables us to light a candle and go share that with others who are lost and lonely. For us that highlights what we are trying to do in our outreach ministry. As a matter of fact Street Pastors work hard to achieve that through our actions even more than our words.

In the words of St Francis of Assisi:

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows”.

Whose sunbeam will you be today?