During April there were:

  • 4 Friday night patrols
  • 3 Saturday night patrols
  • 7 Patrols totalling 36 hours of cover involving 21 Street Pastors
  • 2 pairs of flip-flops given and 160 lollies and Love Hearts

Here are some of the ways Street Pastor teams cared, listened and helped in April:

  • Stayed with a distressed young lady until a friend arrived
  • Listened to and prayed for a number of people with health issues
  • Found the pin of a broken watch strap
  • Gave flip-flops to two ladies

Several of our teams spent time listening to people with different health issues during April. We also offered prayer and on each occasion our offer was gratefully accepted. We prayed for a man whose uncle was unwell and also a lady struggling with asthma.

Over the years we’ve been asked to help find all sorts of lost items on the streets at night – usually very small, difficult-to-see items! This month a man asked us to help him find the pin of his broken watchstrap. It was nearly 3:30 in the morning and seemed like an impossible task. Nevertheless, we spent some time searching the dark pavement near the man. After a few minutes one of our Street Pastors found the pin and we were delighted to be able to hand it back to the man – who went away very happy!

One of our teams found a young lady who was quite distressed and alone. We stayed with her for some time until one of her friends arrived and was able to look after her.

This month we encountered only two ladies that needed flip-flops to help them on their way home. We’re always pleased to see that some young ladies are carrying their own flat shoes in a hand bag that they can change into when their feet get tired of high-heels.