Statistics for February and March:


  • 1 Friday patrol and 2 Saturday patrols
  • 15 hours of cover involving 9 Street Pastors
  • 6 pairs of flip-flops & 2 bottles of water given
  • 130 lollies and Love Hearts


  • 2 Friday patrol and 3 Saturday patrols
  • 25 hours of cover involving 15 Street Pastors • 6 pairs of flip-flops, 6 bottles of water given
  • 190 lollies and Love Hearts

Here are some of the ways Street Pastors cared, listened and helped in February and March:

  • Defused an altercation between two young men
  • Attended other aggressive incidents and offered support to those involved
  • Cared for an unwell young man out celebrating his birthday

Snow and ice prevented two of our teams from patrolling at the beginning of February. Whilst we provided flip-flops to help several ladies and met lots of people, February proved to be a fairly quiet time for our teams – hence a joint February/March report this time.

In March we attended a number of aggressive incidents in the early hours in Wantage. On one occasion it was necessary to call the Police to deal with a fight that had escalated. The Police were also in attendance on other occasions. The safety of our teams is always a priority if a fight breaks out, but once things have calmed down we seek to help any injured parties and support anyone that is distressed. We offered to help one man with a cut above his eyebrow and spent time with a group of three young ladies, giving them space blankets to keep them warm on their way home.

At the end of March we were successful in defusing an altercation between two young men by persuading the main protagonist to move away.

One of our teams found a young man who was out celebrating his 18th birthday, and having drunk too much was not very well. We provided water, wet wipes and tissues and stayed with him until we were sure he was ok to make his way home.