We patrolled five times during April and May 2022.

Unfortunately, we were unable to patrol on several occasion during April and May due to covid and other sickness or absences.

One night, when the fair was in town, our Street Pastors heard a loud crash in Wantage and made their way to where the noise had come from to investigate. A car had crashed into the platform of the Dodgems ride as it was being dismantled. The Street Pastors listened to the driver and the fairground staff who were all quite frustrated at the crash and helped to keep everyone calm until the police arrived and dealt with the incident. Thankfully, no one was harmed by the collision.

At Manor Park in Wantage, Street Pastors met a group of young people sitting in the bandstand. One of the girls had had too much to drink. SPs gave the girl some water to drink and a lollypop. They stayed with her for some time to ensure she was ok and encouraged her friends to take her home, which they did.

After hearing a loud thud, Street Pastors helped a man who had been headbutted and had fallen to the ground, breaking a tooth and injuring his arm. The man asked us to call the police for him and we spent some time with him and his friends who were all quite shocked and upset by the incident. We stayed with them until after the police had arrived and had spoken to the man, his friends and members of the public at the scene.


April 2022 May 2022
Patrols 2 3
Hours 8 13
Flip-flops 0 2
Lollies ~80 ~200
Water 0 6