We patrolled eight times during October and November.

Many of our patrols passed without major incident although there were a couple of occasions where the police were already dealing with incidents as we arrived. We are always grateful for a quiet night where people enjoy being out in Wantage and Grove without incident. We are also very grateful for the support of the police.

Street Pastors met a group of three young people at the Grove Skate Park. We chatted for some time and gave them lollies. The Street Pastors also cleared up some broken glass at the Skate Park. The same night Street Pastors cleared up lots of litter at Mary Green Park and the Old Mill Hall. We chatted to a couple sitting on a bench and gave them contact details to get a taxi.

In Wantage one evening we met two men who looked like they were going to have a fight. We chatted to them, gave them lollies and helped to calm the situation down. The men eventually left without coming to blows!

A young lady was waiting at the Bus Stop in Wantage after finishing work. We stayed with her while she waited, occasionally chatting to people as they passed by.

One night we helped to support a young man who was caring for his partner who was being sick. We provided a hair band to tie her hair back and a bottle of water.

Thank you for your support of Wantage & Grove Street Pastors throughout 2022 and best wishes from all of us for 2023.

October 2022 November 2022
Patrols 4 4
Hours 17 18
Flip-flops 2 1
Lollies ~200 ~220
Water 11 0