We patrolled ten times during June and July 2023.
In Grove we spotted a lad who had fallen off his new bike. We went over to check he was ok (he was) and we used our torches so he could check to see if his bike was ok too!
We found a man who seemed a little shaken having been removed from a nighttime venue. We gave him a lolly, some water and stayed chatting with him until his girlfriend arrived and took him home.
We spent a short time talking to a young man on a bench at the bus stop, who had a bag of his belongings with him. He had had an argument with his partner and was expecting to spend the night in his car. We suggested a few other options but he was content with sleeping in his car – and, as it wasn’t a cold night, we weren’t too concerned about him.
One night we had to call the police as an argument broke out on the streets in Wantage which escalated to involve something like fifteen people. There was a lot of pushing, shouting and several punches thrown. People began to drift away and the police arrived and dealt with the situation.
At the end of a busy night in Wantage, we found that the plants in one of the town planters had been uprooted, presumably by a frustrated reveler. A green-fingered Street Pastor helped a local venue’s landlady to repot them before we headed home for the night.
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June 2023 July 2023
Patrols 5 5
Hours 21 22
Flip-flops 1 0
Lollies ~180 ~280
Water 3 5