We patrolled eight times during October and November 2023.
Street Pastors met a very angry man who was carrying his friend’s phone and threatening to smash the phone. We helped to calm the man down a little and persuaded him to give us the phone. We handed it in to a nearby pub and informed the phone’s owner where they could collect it. The next day, the owner of the phone contacted us to thank us.
One night we met a group who we have seen a number of occasions previously. One of the girls tearfully confided some of the challenges she is facing in her life. We were able to support her. It’s a privilege to be able to spend time with young people, letting them share without judging them.
Street Pastors were on hand to help a couple who got tangled up in a conflict with a young man. A kind bus driver helped by taking the couple and a Street Pastor on his bus and moving them out of the situation where they were able to get a taxi home.
A member of the public alerted us to an incident in Wantage town centre. Street Pastors attended and found a young woman being comforted by her friend. The upset lady had been in an argument with a man who appeared to be part of their friendship group. Street Pastors were able to bring calm to the situation and put a little distance between the two parties. Later in the evening we saw that the friendship had been restored and all was well between them.
Street Pastors were on hand to help supervise 200+ teenagers as they left a Wantage venue at the end of their Teens Disco. We were able to use our mobile power supply to help a young lady contact her mum to come and take her home.
Thank you for your support of Wantage & Grove Street Pastors throughout 2023 and best wishes from all of us for 2024.

October 2023 November 2023
Patrols 3 5
Hours 14 22
Flip-flops 1 7
Lollies ~180 ~250
Water 5 3





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