It costs around £30000 a year to run Merton Street Pastors.

Every spikey costs 5p.
Every bottle of water costs 12p.
Every lollipop costs 14p.
Every wrist band costs 23p.
Every space blanket costs 66p.
Every pair of flip flops costs £1.40.

It costs £300 to train each volunteer. Could you sponsor one?

And then as with most small charities, our biggest expense is our staff salaries.

If you are able to, please would you consider supporting us in one of the following ways.

One Off – General

If you would like to make a one off gift to Merton Street Pastors then you can do so via our Stewardship page,


We are also looking for 100 people to sign up to give £10 a month to help us build a solid foundation to our funding. We currently have 67 signed up so if you can help please contact our coordinator or sign up below.

Can you please consider being number 68?

Click here,, to sign up!

Fundraise for us

Through the Stewardship platform it is also possible for you to undertake a fundraising project for us, whether it be a sponsored challenge or something else.

If you’d like to do that, click here,, and click on the “Fundraise for us” button.

Thank you so much!