Stratford-upon-Avon Street Pastors was set up in July 2011 by volunteers across Stratford District. With the direction, expertise, and support of the Ascension Trust, we are determined to work together for the good of the town.

From November 2011 onwards, street pastor volunteers began to help reach out to those in the night time economy. This includes those visiting the town, taxi-drivers, door staff, managers, and staff within venues. This also includes those visiting town for the night.

By patrolling on weekend night, we get just a glimpse of “Stratford after dark”. We see the Stratford of theatre goers, the youth, those out celebrating, rough sleepers, those worse for wear, and those who need someone to talk to.

Our patrols begin at 8.30 pm up to 3.30 am. We have radio links, CCTV, and door staff, who can inform us of any dangers or those in need of help. It is a two way communication where we also inform them of anyone who may look vulnerable or about situations that could escalate. This helps keep our town safer.

Back at base, we have a dedicated team of Prayer Pastors, who we keep informed and who pray actively for the situations that our street pastors encounter.

We integrate strategically into meetings with the council, Police, health service, and charitable organisations. We are part of Warwickshire Police’s Independent Advisory Group. We liaise with Stratford District Council, and other local charities. We have input into health strategies, especially around drugs and alcohol

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