Partnerships are a vital part of what we do as Street Pastors in Stratford, without working with others we would not be so integrated into the dynamics of the night time economy and our effectiveness would be much reduced.

We integrate strategically into meetings with the council, Police, health service, and charitable organisations. We are part of Warwickshire Police’s Independent Advisory Group.

“The work of Street Pastors is highly valued by Warwickshire Police. I am impressed with the dedication and grateful for all they do to help people in need. There is no doubt that the work they do on Friday and Saturday nights contributes enormously to the safety and well-being of the public. Our workforce will continue to work in partnership with Street Pastors to protect our communities from harm.”
Warwickshire Chief Constable Andy Parker

“I am so pleased that at the AGM it was decided to continue providing Street Pastors in Stratford; it would be such a loss if we didn’t have you.”
Karin Stanley, Community Safety Manager at South Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership

We liaise with Stratford District Council, and other local charities. We have input into health strategies, especially around drugs and alcohol.

“Quite simply, the trustees saw Street Pastors as a force for good within the Town Centre”
Stratford Town Trust


“We are pleased to support Stratford Street Pastors, knowing how effectively they work within the night time economy, and knowing what a valuable support they are bringing to the venues and pubs within the town. We are pleased to welcome them and look forward to working with them”
Bard Watch

“In a very short period their invaluable input to the Town Centre and the strong partnerships being formed are clearly evident. Their work is thorough and professional and brings a new dynamic to the night time economy and thereby provides vital support to both the agencies and businesses working daily within it”
The Town Hosts of Stratforward welcoming the launch of Street Pastors in Stratford.