In 2020 we are still looking towards recruiting more Street and Prayer Pastors to ensure we can always put a patrol out despite illness, holiday etc. If you are a regular church-goer, would like to serve your community in a very practical manner and feel you could Care, Pray, Listen or Help then Street Pastors might be what you’re looking for.


How can I become a Street Pastor?
To become a Street Pastor you do need to be a member of a church for at least twelve months. We do ask for two references, one from a church leader, and a DBS check. We do also ask that our Street Pastors are over the age of eighteen. Also help to raise the amount of £300 for your 50 hours training.

How can I become  a Prayer Pastor?
To become a Prayer Pastor you need to be part of a church for over a year, be over the age of eighteen, sign a Prayer Pastor agreement, have a good payer life and respect the confidential nature of the role.

How do I become a Friend of Street Pastors?
See the give page

For more information on how to join, please send us a message through the contact us page.