We are heading back out on our streets! After much deliberation and planning including risk assessments and input from our Street Pastors we have decided that we can resume patrolling if very differently.

During September we re-started patrols with the new changes and as I’m sure you’ll understand it will take some time to get everything just right and back to smooth sailing. The big change to most, apart from the new masked up look, will be the lack of lollipops! following guidance we are not giving out items during the pandemic but will retain our role of listening and caring from a safe social distance. We went out for two Friday evenings and it was great to be back although we did find the town to be very quiet. As there are still Street Pastors unable or uncomfortable returning to patrol there will be fewer patrols and patrols may be cancelled last minute if any of the team are unavailable.

During September we also trialed running a patrol on a Friday afternoon, mindful of everyone who would appreciate a listening ear during these times but is not out of an evening. The Street Pastors involved found the afternoon to be a worthwhile experience and so as there are fewer people are out on a Friday evening we shall also aim to patrol on a Friday afternoon.

If you are interested in supporting the Street Pastors when out on patrol we are currently looking for Prayer Pastors and would welcome any interest.